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Continue reading below for Q&A as well as a sales tips pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question: What is the best time to do this fundraiser?

Answer: Any time!  Pet owners love buying their dogs treats!  (If you are selling for a school organization make sure there are no other school fundraisers going on)

Question: What is the minimum amount of treats I can order?

Answer: The minimum amount of product you can order is $125.00.

Question: How do I place my order?

Answer: You can send your order via fax (815-526-8667), or you can fill out an order form and attach it to an email. *no orders through phone call please*

Question: Do you accept credit cards or checks?

Answer: Yes, we accept both credit cards and checks!

Question: When is the payment due?

Answer: The payment is due at the time of the pickup or delivery.


Question: Is there a delivery fee?

Answer: Yes, there is a delivery fee.  The cost is determined by the amount ordered and the distance of the delivery. *Pickup of the product is available for FREE by appointment only-- see office hours on Contact Us page*

Question: How long does it take for my order to be filled and delivered?

Answer: It varies on the size of the order, but most orders take 1 to 2 weeks to be filled and delivered.

Question: Do you have any tips for selling?

Answer: Yes!  Continue below to see our pdf of our sales tips.

Question: How much profit does my organization make?

Answer: You can expect to make 40-50% profit from selling our treats.  See the Our Treats page for more details.

Question: What are the ingredients in your treats?

Answer: See our order form for a complete list of ingredients for each treat.

Question: Do you take back unsold treats or returns?

Answer: No, due to health and safety precautions we do not accept product returns.

Sales Tips

Not sure how to sell our treats?

Check out our pdf below.

Was your question not answered?  Visit our Contact Us page or call (815)-494-2095

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