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A Small Company From a Small Town

Continue below to read our story.

About Us

 Our Story:  We are located in the tiny town of Garden Prairie, Illinois.  Ma and family, started this company after their own children had great success raising money for their school trips by selling these treats.  It was not only easy for them, it was a lot of fun!  People really enjoy buying for their dogs-- as well as helping those in need, so it's a win-win situation!

Branching Out:  After many of our fundraising events were over, we had numerous people looking to find more Ma & Paw's treats to purchase personally for their own dogs.  We've reached out to our local-- and not so local-- businesses to retail our treats.  Find a full list of these fine businesses on Our Retailers page!

Fun Fact:  Did you know our logo design was a family effort?  My husband came up with the company name, my daughter drew the logo, and my son added the finishing touch: a tiny orange heart.

About Our treats

Ma & Paw's offers a great product with a variety of flavors for you and your Pets.  These dog treats are baked professionally in the USA and made from all natural ingredients.  Our dog treats contain no preservatives, corn or soy-- Some of our treats are even grain-free!  (you can find a full list of ingredients on the back of each package)  Ma & Paw's treats are enjoyed by many furry friends.


We look forward to helping you! 

Don't Forget Your Best Friend!
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