Single-Ingredient  Freeze Dried Beef Liver     2oz in a bag

Sourced from the Midwest - of- The United States

Treat Size : Varies



Food Topper 2oz Freeze Dried Beef Liver

  • All of our freeze-dried meats are sourced from the Midwest. All of our animals NEVER have any added hormones, GMO, or antibiotics.

    Our freeze-dried starts the process by running the meats dicer, and then we immediately run them through an IQF machine. By doing this, it locks in all of the nutrition very quickly by freezing it down to -40°. It also creates a very small ice crystal in the meat. A lot of companies out there skip this step, and it creates a large ice crystal which makes the product more crumbly and a lot softer. It also doesn’t retain as much of its nutritional quality that way. You will notice with ours there are very small holes which is where the ice crystals were sublimated out of the product during the freeze-dried process. That is a sign of high-quality freezing prior to the freeze-drying. From there, it is a very gentle dry, and the product retains about 97% of its original nutritional value.